Product Platformers now does WordPress websites through our [beta Sydney only, revising ordering workflow!] quick turnaround website service!  Our partners, customers and their customers have asked us over the years whether we do websites and we used to say, it depends.  But now we do them all time.

Unique Selling Point

You get a web strategy before a WordPress website.  We work out the needs of your business and this happens as early as the sample stage – you don’t need to engage with us to the end for this valuable consultation.

A touring band’s needs are different from an IT services business.  An online store has yet different needs.  All cases have different channels of marketing and promotion and we advise on where your best value investment will be.

If you sell online products, you will need a website with on-page SEO which includes the content marketing components for your other SEO strategies.

If you have a network of partners and customers that use social media, take a look at Business Content Marketing.  This will save you the costs of on-page SEO and you can spend your time on other SEO strategies.

If you have a face to face service like a touring band or a personal trainer, getting started with a Business Go website package is all the capital expense you will need.


It’s an affordable quick turnaround WordPress websites service for small business.  If you have your content ready, the team is ready to quickly turnaround samples and get an approval to finish the job.

Samples & Consultation Included

The 3 sample websites and consultation service is $99 inc. GST and includes a web strategy to move forward.

Web Strategy, Consultation and Documentation

Our business training benefits you through the optimised delivery of your web strategy.  Web strategy is linked to how your customers interact with your business.  We map out and give you a marketing touchpoint matrix so you can maximise your investment on the web.

We also provide you with a map of your products and services, suppliers and customer channels so you can refer to when looking at your financials and work on them internally.

At this stage, you’re not even committed to continuing to engage us!  You win from the sample service just from a business consultation point of view.

WordPress Websites Hosting

There are two hosting models.

  1. Official WordPress hosting for standard delivery on global infrastructure.
  2. Product Platformers cloud hosting using Amazon’s global delivery network of 70+ points of presence and CDN content delivery network.  This includes optimisations for speed and SEO.