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User Portal & Bots

Our developers can create a collaborative and efficient workflow by integrating heterogenous pieces into a centralised workspace.  Our developers can provide reports, messaging and dashboards in a secure environment – cloud or on-premise.  Our bots can engage with customers to accomplish higher appointment and conversion rates.

VoIP Call Centres

Does your organisation need a VoIP call centre featuring overflow queues, integration with existing systems or dynamic routing?  We spent a decade building VoIP networks in Australia during the early adopter phase.  Our developers integrated medical equipment to phone systems pre-VoIP.  Our understanding of call flow and call design is exemplary.  Make an enquiry.

Security Focus

Will secure web, mobile and desktop applications make your life as a CIO less stressful?  We have a development team that understands that security is a multi-layered practise whether it’s role based access control or network security – we’re sure we can tailor a solution that fits with your workplace.