The cloud shopping cart is not a new idea.  The problem has been solved by companies like “Big Commerce” and “Shopify”.  For a startup or micro-business, the initial market research phase may only need a simple shopping cart – so we went about exploring if it’s possible to create something for that product/market fit.

This year has seen developer productivity increase even further with leading frameworks maturing and providing more out of the box.  Cloud hosting is less than $1/month in most cases.  We came up with a proof of concept cloud shopping cart.  Payment processing is going through some huge changes, so it should be easier to do commerce (and mobile commerce) than ever before…and it’s great to sell your stuff!

Cloud Shopping Cart SPA Sample


As a POC (proof of concept), we collaborated with a developer in Singapore who recently announced a single page application (SPA) built for a cloud shopping cart.  It is built with arguably the best component based framework of the day – VueJS framework. So we gave it a run to see if we could host it on one of the most reliable infrastructures on the planet. A few sessions spent bug hunting but we got there. Enter the cloud shopping cart.


Benefits of skilled custom development and cloud vs out of the box providers

  • complete customisation
  • search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • integrated with any workflow or external software package
  • most modern technology stack for increased customer experience and conversion

Benefits of a SPA cloud shopping cart

  • fast loading
  • cloud hosting, worldwide clustering and delivery network
  • handles peak availability
  • hosting in multiple world wide regions
  • replicated data
  • highest skilled labour (and machines) looking after infrastructure
  • minimal cost overhead

For any developers looking to host a SPA on amazon S3, some clever redirect rules are required to make pretty URLs.

There is a minor* drawback is the higher cost of initial development.  Product Platformers offers* amortisation (pay for development on a payment plan) to help businesses with their cashflow.  Some plans available over 24 months and an ongoing relationship to get the most out of the software investment.

Watch this space!

So over the next several months we will continue creating the affordable microbusiness’ cloud shopping cart with supporting tools for self-managed freedom!