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Enter New Markets

Turn the workflow of your business into an industry leading software platform.  Our expertise is in creating software from an organisation’s intellectual capital and transforming it into web-enabled technology.  This creates new business opportunities for industry leaders.  Let’s collaborate!

Established 2002

Our software products and services began in the early-2000s with the integration of medical equipment to the telephone network.  We’ve been involved with early corporate networks.  We’ve been involved with web businesses.  We’ve built national VoIP networks.  We still maintain relationships with our earliest suppliers and customers.  Let’s collaborate!


Well scoped and executed software projects are our strengths so you can build upon your organisation’s strengths.  Partner with us on your next software project and rely on our experience to provide secure, scalable and highly available software services.  Let’s collaborate!

Change is Philosophy

Positive and proactive attitudes in a changing world.

Does your organisation have repetitive, manual or mundane procedures?  Move desktop and on-premise software into the cloud and reap the benefits of a modern, web-enabled serverless architecture.  Automation and eliminated IT operational expenses create more profitable and better business services.

Proactively leveraging other’s top-line processes and quality infrastructures, we learn and create innovative and converged solutions.

We are Product Platformers.  Our name is our business.  Creating platforms for products and services in any industry.  Challenge us, engage with us.  Let us leverage the cost benefits of automation and cloud computing and make a healthier business.  Let’s collaborate!

Let's Collaborate!

The principal consultant is located near the heart of Sydney.

Product Platformers
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